Tips For Coloring Your Hair At Home

Tip 1:

Not more than 2 or more colors, and preferably a color shades were two colors match to make administrative levels, this is the most basic rule, if you at home hair color, high color or not to challenge the difficult.

Tip 2:

If you’re going to dye the whole head with a color that contrasts particularly well with itself, try a short-acting hair dye. Permanent discoloration of hair is no small matter, and good quality ammonia can also harm your hair. The short-acting dye USES a mild chemical, and if you don’t like it, you can turn it back in a few months. Especially if you’re not sure if you’re ready for a new color, a temporary hair dye or disposable hair dye is a good option.

Tips 3:

If you have a hard choice between dyeing and picking, pick highlights. Highlights will make your hair more attractive and special. And because the highlights will not have a lot of hair root is dyed, so you don’t have to worry about hair grows so fast and cause hair root and dyed hair period, you can fill catch intervals longer.

Tips 4:

The highlights need to be done in a more subtle way, never to be lumpy and flaky. If you don’t want to think of ginger spice in ’98, you should be able to look more natural in small areas.

Tips 5:

Natural or neutral colors are suitable for all skin types, whether you are cool or warm. If you are bothered by the choice of color, this is the least likely way to go wrong.


Tips 6:

Better if you want the hair dye color, good dyeing cream after encase the hair with plastic wrap, and then wrapped in dry hot towel, then wear a shower cap, so can make color more even attached to the hair quickly.


Tips 7:

A simple but often forgotten trick: wear your old Shirt or wrap your chest when coloring your hair at home. A pullover will destroy your clothes and ruin your hair when you take it off!

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